Richmark Holdings are proud to support Chatz Charity on their venture to assist Sunrise Combined College in Tembisa

Richmark Holdings are proud to support Chatz Charity on their venture to assist Sunrise Combined College in Tembisa.

Sunrise Combined College opened in 2005 to address the problem of overcrowding in government schools in Tembisa. Children were put on waiting lists of up to three years and so in order form them to not go without an education, this school was opened up to the community. However, with limited resources , the school barely had space for the hundreds of students in attendance. The children attended class in corrugated iron shacks with 75 children in each class.

In 2012, Chatz Charity decided to make some changes to this school by raising funds to erect wooden classrooms with new blackboards as well as erecting a kitchen so that a feeding scheme can be implemented for all the children of the school. The kitchen project was started in December 2012, feeding 560 kids that arrive around 10:30am at first break, to get their meal. For many children, this is the only meal of the day. Chatz Charity have employed 5 kitchen staff to prepare the meals and hand them out. The meals include sandwiches, mince, rice and hotdogs as well as juice packed with vitamins. In addition to the kitchen a sitting area with a sheltered roof was erected to allow the children a comfortable place to eat. A jungle gym has also been put up for the learners to play on and plans are underway to include a library.

Often the smaller kids wander around the area waiting for up to 3 hours in the heat or cold, but this will soon be a thing of the past when the after-care centre will be built by the end of May.

This project, like any other, has come with its ups and down and things to go wrong from time to time, however, we have high hopes for Sunrise Combined College. The results speak for themselves. The work already done at this school and the plans for 2013 and 2014 show that truly there is hope for the children of Tembisa.

Existing classrooms

Opening of the feeding scheme

Pupils enjoying their first meals

Bev Chatz with Grade 1 pupil.

Kids enjoying their juice provided by the kitchen staff

Selwyn Chatz CEO of Chatz Connect/Vodacom 4U with Melvyn Godfrey Financial Director

Gavin Varejes CEO of Richmark Holdings and Tanya Harvey, Executive Head Marketing and Events